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Airfare Deals Study and Skiplagged

Though traditional Tuesday has been rumored as the best day to buy plane tickets, a recent study has revealed that Sunday now actually offers the best offers for flights - both domestic and international.  Purchases made on a Sunday from 7-14 weeks before the trip are, on average, $110 cheaper (Source: Airline Reporting Corporation). The best week out of weeks 7-14 prior to the trip for purchasing domestic flights is week 8, according to the study. And 24 weeks ahead of an international flight will provide the best deal.
You can also find really great prices for flights on Skiplagged. Sometimes Skiplagged will recommend you book flights that have connector flights you're actually not interested in using. This is a really savvy approach to getting around exorbitant prices because all you have to do is not show up for the continuing flight, and you've just saved yourself decent money. And you still got to the place you really wanted to go.
For more great deals that don't neces…
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Easy Ways to Take Advantage of Big Discounts Online

Use these tips next time you shop online to start racking up savings others won't even think about!

1. Escape price changes just due to your search habits
Because online stores can store cookies on your computer and can track your search history for different products, you should always erase your browser’s cookies and log out of your account before you finally go to buy an item you've been researching. You can also avoid getting inflated prices by using an incognito window, where cookies don't get stored, to browse.

2. Curated Online Shopping Discounts Web sites 
Try to find your item on a curated discounts site, such as

2. Leave items in your cart for a few days before you make the purchase
Since retailers would rather you actually make them a sale than get what they originally asked for the item, you will likely find a discount coupon in your email a couple days after placing the item in the cart. A list of online stores which actually do this inc…

Increase In Online Options For Curated Discount Clothing Collections

Consumers who formerly "shopped-till-they-dropped" for discounts on their favorite clothing items now opt for online discount clothing curators such as Stitch Fix, Warby Parker, and Fabletics.

Mall chains like The Limited, Wet Seal, Macy's, and even JCPenney are suffering at the hands of these new online retailers.  According to James Reinhart, CEO of the used-clothing marketplace thredUP, online stores that the advantage over brick-and-mortar stores that “each day there’s a whole new assortment.” Curated clothing brands include the following, with their specialties: - a wide array of high-quality, discounted products serving the women's empowerment niche (power clothes, relaxation products, productivity/motivational resources, beauty products, and health & fitness goods)Stitch Fix, Fabletics, and Bonobos - curated clothing selections Warby Parker and EyeBuy Direct - affordable, yet stylish, eyeglasses and sunglasses ThredUP - secondhand …

Jimmy Choo's CCO Publicly Shares Experience With Unequal Pay

Equal Pay Day, when a woman’s pay from January 2016 till just today finally equals what a man already earned fully in 2016. This sizable gap can also be stated in another way: women still only make 79 cents per dollar men make. Tamara Mellon, co-founder and former CCO of Jimmy Choo, publicly shared her personal experience with this notable national issue. Mellon said on CBS This Morning,  When I founded Jimmy Choo, I was 27 years old and I wanted to make beautiful shoes. I had no idea the challenges I was going face being a woman in business. And I did a few private equity deals with my business and what I realized going through those deals, I was being paid less than the men who worked for me...that is why I’m passionate about equal pay for women. 
Despite being the boss, a major shareholder and co-founder of the company, Mellon was the only woman on Jimmy Choo's company board. With the company's upcoming relaunch, Mellon continues to be positive. She has expressed new ideas, suc…

The Future Group Hopes To Take Online Grocery Customer Base By Storm

The Future Group, a pioneer in Indian retail, will be opening approximately 10,000 convenience stores over the next four years to promote consumer loyalty. At these convenience stores, there will be huge discounts offered to consumers above and beyond what D’Mart, Amazon, and Flipkart can offer. This is to combat the online grocery trend that these companies are following.

Kishore Biyani, CEO of Future Group, summarizes the plan as formulating and maintaining a logistical ecosystem of consumer and relevant connections, all in the same location, something that the online competitors can only dream of achieving. "Each store will also have merchandise suited for that locality and consumer base. Data analytics will help us determine what to stock," he says.

The idea is simple: each store will enroll 1,500 customers for an annual fee. The shoppers who enroll will get 10% off already discounted products, consumer credit, home delivery options, and access to the online shopping platf…

Equal Pay Day Holds Amazing Discounts in Store!

Today (April 4) is Equal Pay Day.

Until today I'd never heard of this holiday, but apparently it is the day that represents how much longer than the previous fiscal year that women have to work to acquire the same salary as what men earned in that fiscal year. Given this disadvantage in pay, it's only appropriate that today businesses offer women everywhere 20% off on purchases to try to offset the effects of this systemic issue. Sheryl Sandberg, COO of Facebook and founder of LeanIn.Org, coined the #20percentcounts hashtag after saying the following: Equal pay is essential to the goal of gender equality. This issue speaks to how we value women's labor, knowledge, time, training, and so much more. In short, it's about women's worth. There's nothing more fundamental than that. On average, women are still paid 20 percent less than men. When you break the pay gap down by race and ethnicity, black women are paid 37 percent less and Hispanic women are paid 46 percent…